Hello and welcome to my music box!

While trying to introduce myself and fill this space with words, I couldn't describe myself and what i do with a job description.

I tried to think back to as far as i could, to see the path where i had been musically and asked myself, what is it exactly that i do? Teach? Play? Sing and Dance?

I did not have specific tasks or objectives, apart from helping people achieve and realise their musical ideas. 

It came about and has evolved, when every now and then i was called upon and hired for  various musical errands and jobs, from teaching, accompanying, to even page turning for concert pianists at times!

'Yousef and the music box' is a concept.

A concept that  achieves and realises your musical goals for you.

It could be used for something as simple as picking out a piano for you, or as important as providing Learning and educational strategies for your child.

Composing songs for your school or accompanying you for your violin exam?

Team building workshops and facilitating drum circles for your corporate company or some pastoral music for your  wedding?

Accompaniment and performances for an event, or perhaps just some good old fashioned busking at a party?

So whatever you're looking for...i hope theres something in the box for you!